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Energy Technology Policy Development Program

Energy Technology Policy Development Program


This program aims to create a proactive response to changing global circumstances and establish strategies and measures to reinforce competitiveness in energy technology through analysis of global energy issues and policies, trends in technology and the energy industry, and other relevant matters. The program also supports the establishment of an energy R↦D network infrastructure and mid- and long-term planning as well as the creation of a roadmap for greenhouse gas reduction technologies.

Eligibility to Receive Support

Institutions that are specified in the Energy Act and the Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Act as eligible for energy technology development-related projects include corporations, universities, government-funded science and technology research institutes, as well as national and public research institutes, research institutes specializing in manufacturing technology, and research cooperatives.

Support details

  • Support projects selected through processes such as policy designation or designated recruitment
  • Subsidize 50-100% of expenses for the selected technology development project

Program Organization and Procedures

Program Organization

Program Procedure

  1. Explore demand
    (Chief organizer/General organizers)
  2. Call for projects (MOTIE)
  3. Apply to the project
    (Applying institution)
  4. Review proposal
    (Chief organizer)
  5. Evaluate submitted project proposals
    (Evaluation committee)